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Welcome to PowerSchool Parent and Student Portal!


Catawba County Schools is pleased to announce that the PowerSchool Parent Portal is now available.  This online resource will allow you to access your child’s current grades and attendance.  To access this resource you will need to follow these steps:


1.    Open the internet browser on your computer (Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome are the preferred browsers).
2.    Type into the address bar.  You may also access this site from the Catawba County Schools website under the Parents and Students tab.
3.    Click the Create Account button
4.    Enter the required information on the screen, including your first and last name, email address, and a desired username and password.
5.    In the Link Students section, enter the required information for your child or children (this allows multiple children to be linked and accessed with one username and password).  Type the Access ID and Access password exactly as they are printed below for each child (both Access ID and Access password are case-sensitive)
6.    Click Enter.  You should receive a confirmation of your account creation.
7.    You may now login with the username and password you created in Step 4.
You will now be able to track your child’s academic progress through this resource.  Please remember to keep your username and password confidential as they allow access to your child’s personal information.
Here are a few of the screens you can access through the PowerSchool Parent Portal:
Grades and Attendance—this screen will allow you to check assignments, scores and attendance.
Grade History—this screen will allow you to see the grades from previous grading periods this year.
Teacher Comments—this screen is used to access current teacher comments for your student.
If you have any questions regarding the use of the PowerSchool Parent Portal please refer to the documents provided on the Catawba County Schools website under Parents and Students.  You can also email questions to

PowerSchool Student Portal

Students--To access the PowerSchool Student Portal you will click on this link: or click on the link for the Student Portal under Parents and Student on the CCS homepage.  Your login to the PowerSchool Student Portal is the same login used for computer access at your school.  You do not have to create an account; your account is already created.  You can use the PowerSchool Student Portal to review your grades and attendance.  In addtion, access to Schoolnet is provided through the PowerSchool Student Portal.  You can email questions to


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