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In accordance with North Carolina law, The Catawba County Public School System Provides the following employee benefit (Click here to access the North Carolina Benefits Home Page and download the benefits manual.)

State Salary Schedule


All full-time employees of Catawba County Schools are eligible for the health insurance provided through the State of North Carolina on a non-contributory basis. Family members may be covered on a contributory basis. The State offers as alternatives several HMOs, which require an employee contribution. Open enrollment is from August 1-September 1 yearly.

For further information on the State Health Plan please visit the web site:


State Health Plan Logo 

Click Here to Go to the PPO My Member Services website

Employee Assistance

A non-profit provider of employee assistance programs and managed behavioral healthcare services.  Visit their website:


The Catawba County School System approves insurance companies for the purpose of selling fixed and variable annuities. Tax sheltered annuities make possible, through a payroll deduction plan, the deferring of a portion of any employee's income until he or she retires.


All Catawba County Schools personnel who are regular, full-time employees are required by law to become members of the North Carolina Teachers and State Employees System. An employee contributes 6% of his or her salary along with the local school system’s contribution.  The 6% employee contribution is tax sheltered.  

Upon retirement, any employee who has been a member of the retirement system for at least five years is eligible for monthly benefits for life, or for the return of his or her contributions with interest. An employee's contributions (with interest) may also be withdrawn if the employee terminates employment before retirement. A member of the retirement system who has contributed for five or more years is eligible for disability retirement.

The retirement system also pays a death benefit to the designated beneficiary(ies) of any member who has contributed to the retirement system for at least one year and who dies while still an active member. The death benefit pays a minimum of $25,000 and maintains a maximum of $50,000.

Click here to visit the North Carolina State Treasurer web site


All employees are covered by Social Security. Both employee and employer make appropriate contributions to Social Security. The employee pays 7.65% and the employer pays 7.65%.


All full-time permanent employees of the Catawba County Schools who have completed the required length of employment with an eligible State of North Carolina Agency are eligible for payments.


All permanent employees and their families are eligible to join the North Carolina State Employees' Credit Union. Employees may open savings or checking accounts and may borrow money from the Credit Union.

Payments on loans or savings may be made through payroll deduction after contacting the credit union.


Each qualified employee is provided annual leave according to the length of his or her monthly employment and the duration of his or her service with the state.


The State sponsors the Plan through the legislation enacted by the General Assembly. The NC State 401-K Plan enhances your employee benefit package by providing you with benefits such as tax deferral, investment flexibility, and access to funds with a loan provision.

Click here to visit the North Carolina 401K web site


Holidays with pay shall include New Year's Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, two days for Christmas, and Martin Luther King's Birthday. July 4 is a holiday for those employed on that date.


Each full-time employee is provided a $5,000 term life insurance policy. Employees have the option of purchasing up to $200,000 in additional coverage on themselves, $20,000 on their spouse, and $5,000 on children.


Sick leave, at the rate of 1.00 day per month, is granted to employees, cumulative indefinitely, in accordance with state regulations. Two days personal leave, cumulative to a maximum of five, are granted to classroom teachers in accordance with state regulations. Substitute pay is deducted when personal leave days are used.

Family leave, professional leave, and military leave are provided in accordance with school board policies and state regulations.

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