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 eIditarod 2015

The Race begins March 7!
A special "Thank You" to Walter McKenzie the creator of the eIditarod.







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 Iditarod Photos

Sunday, March 11, 2012
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 Document Resources

Folder: Iditarod GameIditarod Game
Daily Temperatures for Anchorage and Catawba County.docDaily Temperatures for Anchorage and Catawba County
Iditarod map.pubIditarod map
Iditarod map2.pubIditarod map2
Iditarod Puzzle Google Earth.docIditarod Puzzle Google Earth
Jeff Corwin Experience - Alaska video.docJeff Corwin Experience - Alaska video
Lapbook Print outs.dotLapbook Print outs
musher checklist.xlsmusher checklist
Musher Commands.docMusher Commands
Musher Data.xlsMusher Data
musher playing card.docmusher playing card
Musher Probability.docMusher Probability
Red Lantern Celebration.docRed Lantern Celebration
The Iditarod Song.pdfThe Iditarod Song
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